Duty Carrier

Combining the ergonomic design of a concealable carrier with the functionality of a load-bearing vest, the Duty Carrier provides the best combination of protection, adaptability, and versatility. The Duty Carrier includes several new design features which make it the ideal choice for equipment carrying assignments.

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  • Self Suspending Ballistic System (SSBS) helps prevent rolling and sagging of the ballistic panels inside carrier
  • Tuck-in shoulders for low profile and professional appearance
  • Left and right shoulder Mic/PTT attachment points
  • Loop areas for ID panels, name and badge
  • Center Mic/PTT attachment point
  • Chest pockets for notebook and phone (up to 4"x6")
  • Optional pocket zipper closure - removable adaptors to convert chest pockets to zipper style closure
  • Internal trauma plate pocket fits 5"x8" plates
  • Full-size top loading front and back rifle plate pockets for all day rifle threat protection
  • Left and right multi-pockets, able to accept two pistol mags, hand cuff, radio, or two rifle mags
  • Center utility pouch for equipment storage
  • Ballistic shapes available: Male, MX4 contoured female, and Trufit unisex shape
  • Fully adjustable side close customization options:
      Hook/Loop Side Closure (standard)
      KWIQ Clip Side Closure (upgrade option)
      Zipper Side Closure (upgrade option)
      WARSOC Side Closure ( upgrade option)
  • Rear, external officer rescue strap
  • Rear, internal officer rescue strap
  • Modular liner options sold separately:
      1/4" spacer mesh (standard)
      1/8" anti-microbial, moisture wicking spacer mesh
      1/8" anti-microbial moisture wicking spacer mesh
    liner with Eurus Ventilation Panels
  • Removable internal cummerbund
  • Optional Thorshield® material protection against electroshock
  • COLORS: Midnight Navy, Black, OD Green, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, Coyote (Other Colors Available Upon Request)
NIJ 0101.06 Ballistic Options

NIJ .O6 Level IIA ---- NIJ .O6 Level II ---- NIJ .O6 Level IIIA

Duty Carrier Video (formally known as ODC Standard)
ODC Assembly
Complete ODC Series