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Reserve Officer Program

The Reserve Officer Program is a special service for reserve officers, auxiliary officers, and part-time law enforcement that allows direct purchase of Point Blank Body Armor’s overstock body armor systems at discounted prices. We currently offer our Hi-Lite concealable carrier with a variety of ballistic systems including select NIJ .06 Level IIA, II, and IIIA models.



These body armor systems meet our stringent quality control standards and NIJ certification standards.  These vests are from Point Blank inventory and have an older manufacturing date but are still under a 5-year ballistic warranty from the time you purchase them. These vests are in new condition and have been stored properly at our Point Blank facility.



In order to qualify, please sign up for the Reserve Officer Program to make your purchase. This will allow us to verify that you are a reserve or part-time law enforcement officer. The signup form includes questions about your agency, department and supervisor contact. The form gives the option for you to upload a file of your agency’s letterhead signed by your supervisor that will expedite the verification process.


If you don't have the employment paperwork ready at this time, go ahead and fill out the form anyway so you can shop for the body armor today. Then later you can email it to [email protected]. The verification process usually takes two business days. Upon placing your order, you can expect on-time delivery within 2-3 weeks.



Because of the special pricing on these vests, we do not accept returns or exchanges under the Reserve Officer Program. There is a sizing chart on the product page to help you choose which size fits you best.


Note: Orders limited to one vest per customer.

Please fill out the form below to in order to shop for available body armor.

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