Protective Products’ track record of research, development and production of new body armor systems to meet the ever-escalating threat continuum is unmatched. This is true both in the soft ballistic materials development and certification, as well as in development of the carrier systems supporting both the soft ballistics and hard ballistic plates.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards are found in every facet of our product evolution process. Close collaboration with leading industry experts have brought Protective Products to the role of a recognized authority in ballistic protection. These efforts have resulted in the saving of thousands of lives over several generations of our ballistic products.

Our products are a synergistic collaboration of material science, human engineering and technological precision. Our material science experts continuously execute research initiatives resulting in new fabrics and combinations that advance the science of ballistic protection. Combining science with our human engineering efforts, we are able to design and produce systems that not only offer the best possible protection, but support the secondary needs of the client as well. This, combined with the precision available to us through our world-class technology and testing center, allows us to produce the ultimate in ballistic protection systems.