NIJ 0101.06 Ballistics Systems

We currently have more advanced NIJ .06 certified solutions than any other body armor company in the industry with a key emphasis of providing our customers with lighter, more flexible protective systems with greater ballistic capabilities. More officers trust our body armor brands because when it comes to meeting their needs for life protecting technology, their expectations can never be too high. View ballistic results by clicking here.

NIJ 0115.00 Stab Systems

Body armor that is ballistic resistant does not necessarily make it stab or puncture resistant (and vice versa). Sharp edged and hand-made instruments with pointed tips such as spikes, awls or shanks generally do not need to tear the fabric to penetrate – it merely moves the fibers aside. Point Blank utilizes a combination of super fine, ultra-dense materials, which prevent pointed objects from spreading or moving the individual yarns to stop penetration/puncture. View ballistic results by clicking here.

Developed with leading-edge DuPont Kevlar® Correctional technology, our concealable body armor and corrections portfolio is specifically designed to help protect corrections officers against spikes, shanks and other potentially lethal handmade weapons typically found in corrections facilities. In response to the ever-volatile conditions and unique threats Corrections professionals face, our body armor systems provide the superior puncture and slash resistant protection corrections officers need. Point Blank offers high performance stab packages in (Spike Levels 1, 2, or 3) with optional ballistic protection in select body armor systems. View ballistic results by clicking here.

Combo Systems

New combo ballistic-stab systems, developed with Teijin technology, have evolved to provide today’s law enforcement and corrections officers with maximum coverage against multiple threats. The latest combo systems are designed to adapt and protect the officer against various risks in different environments. The ideal combo ballistic and stab system is designed using innovative materials and advanced engineering to minimize aerial density (i.e. fabric weight), while maximizing functionality. Current certifications for combo packages include Ballistic IIA – Spike Class 3, Ballistic II – Spike Class 2, and Ballistic IIIA – Spike Class 3. View ballistic results by clicking here.

Special Threats Test Results

The NIJ has set forth specific bullets and test velocities in the NIJ 0101.06 Standard. Currently NIJ does not provide for testing and Certification to bullets outside of those listed in the standard. The continuing evolution of bullet technology has resulted in a number of bullets that are more difficult to defeat than those listed in the NIJ Standard. Some of these bullets have come to be known as “special threats”.

Although vest models can only be “NIJ Certified” to the specific threats listed in the NIJ Standard, Point Blank tests some of their models against the most popular “special threats” bullets. All “special threats” testing is performed at H.P. White or United States Test Laboratories which are NIJ certified testing facilities. Although there is no claim of “special threats” NIJ Certification, these vests models are tested to the exact testing conditions and protocol required for actual certification. By monitoring confiscated weapons, these additional “special threat” tests can help an agency determine if a particular model meets the requirements for their specific geographic location and actual street threat. View ballistic results by clicking here.