The 4025 Elite Bomb Suit, distributed by Point Blank Enterprises, is a revolutionary design that provides optimum protection from blast, fragmentation, flame, and deceleration to the wearer. The V50 fragmentation protection outperforms any other bomb suit currently on the market today - tested to STANAG 2929 with 17 grain FSP up to 2000 meters per second. The innovative trouser design does not rely on troublesome zippers making it impractical for the EOD operator to don himself if so desired. The use of zippers in the legs leaves the rear of the legs vulnerable to the effects of the blast. The 4025 Elite’s advanced design provides for a rapid emergency doff by the operator while maintaining 360 degree protection on all sides of the operator’s extremities. The 4025 Elite Bomb Suit also provides unsurpassed blast protection with a survival rate in tests of 1 kg C-4 plastic explosives at a distance of 1 meter!


The bomb suit trouser design also provides enhanced groin protection, eliminating the need for other manufacturers ‘Integrated Groin Protection.’ The bomb suit design is lighter weight and provides greater range of motion, flexibility and comfort - reducing fatigue and perceived exertion. Included in the suit are two separate and independent ventilation systems with easy to reach variable switches to control the fans that produce up to 200 liters of air flow per minute each. The efficient fan design is either operated using a two separate rechargeable power supplies or may also be operated using disposable alkaline AA battery cells.


The 4025 Elite Bomb Suit Jacket does not rely on color patches of hook and loop that dislodge and come loose when the operator is downrange. The 4025 Elite Bomb Suit Jacket is comfortable, all the while, providing increased dexterity and range of motion. The jacket and pants assemblies can also be removed in an instant using a trademarked cable release system unique to the 4025 Elite Bomb Suit. An external plate assembly consisting of three plates that accordion onto themselves further supports enhanced range of motion, but can be removed by the operator in the event it is his intention to modify his level of protection based on the current mission criteria at hand.


The helmet and visor has been tested to STANAG 2929 with 17 grain FSP up to 575 meters per second but is lightweight, reducing fatigue and perceived stress and exertion by the operator. The helmet may be fitted with a speaker and boom microphone accessory option mounted to the inside of the helmet and a water resistant push to talk switch to be fitted to most operator provided handled portable radio systems.


EOD operators are trained not to alter the permissible environment, so a helmet mounted light assembly is intentionally not integrated into the helmet, reducing the overall size and weight of the helmet – however a powerful helmet mounted search light may be attached as an option if so selected by the operator.


Optional hand and foot panels are available to provide even more protection against flame, blast and fragmentation. They can easily be attached and removed from the ensemble - flexible to the mission criteria.


Point Blank Enterprises has entered into a unique partnership agreement to provide a man portable refrigeration unit that may be added to the suit as an option to augment the enhanced ventilation systems already in place. This refrigeration system has been battle tested by the U.S. military in various theaters and missions. This man-portable refrigeration system allows the operator to maintain core temperatures in hot environments without the use of clumsy pumps or ice canisters. Simply attach the refrigeration system to a specially designed undergarment to maintain the operator’s core temperature – even in the hottest of environments.


Each 4025 Elite Bomb Suit may be packaged in a rugged water resistant peli-style wheeled case to ensure the 4025 Elite can be properly stored and transported for use in a moment’s notice.

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4025 Elite Bomb Suit

  • Lumbar protection includes an easy to use and effective evaporative cooling system
  • Increased visibility contributing to better situational awareness
  • Lighter weight helmet reduces operator fatigue
  • No cables or wires to attach or remove
  • Easy to use four point retention for a secure fit
  • Easy to use rapid doff system removes jacket in seconds
  • Easy to use rapid doff system removes pants in seconds
  • Improved ballistic performance
  • Improved buckle and hasp retention system – no hook and loop retention
  • Chest plate easily removed by operator when desired
  • Increased mobility and reduced felt operator fatigue
  • Improved fan assembly increases air circulation in the helmet to reduce CO2 buildup and clear visor
  • Defroster in visor ensures optimum clear visibility
  • Leg 100% encapsulated for increased leg protection
  • Easy to donn and doff (Does not require an assistant to donn)



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