Laser Cut

PARACLETE® now offers a patented, ultra-lightweight, laser-cut fabric for select tactical carriers which has the highest rip-stop and strength performance of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. This high performance material breaks new ground in composite fabrics. Engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions while providing lightweight comfort for extended wear, our laser-cut fabric is ideally suited for tactical operations. Combining the latest carrier designs with advanced fabric technology results in the development of tactical armor systems, unparalleled in adaptability, functionality, and performance.




One of the lightest weight laser-cut materials available

  • Best strength to weight ratio
  • On average, PARACLETE® Laser Cut carriers are 15%-20% lighter and Laser Cut pouches are 25%-30% lighter weight compared to other traditional materials
  • Ultra-thin fabric flexes without losing strength and replaces MOLLE webbing without sacrificing durability



Highly durable and exceptionally strong

  • 3 times more puncture resistant and 5 times greater abrasion resistant than traditional CORDURA® carriers
  • Maintains the same strength as traditional MOLLE webbing without added weight
  • Holds maximum load bearing equipment pouches without sagging



Performs in demanding environments

  • Unparalleled water resistance
  • Compare to 50% water absorption for traditional MOLLE Webbing making PARACLETE® Laser cut carriers and pouches extraordinarily resistant to wet environments
  • Withstands extreme fluctuations in temperatures



Laser Cut available in the following carriers: