About Us


For nearly two decades, PARACLETE® has delivered the most advanced tactical body-armor solutions through groundbreaking innovations in protective technology. This has been driven by rapidly changing threats in adaptive warfare, which necessitate the continual evolution of tactical solutions to improve combat survivability. With an ever-growing need for specialized personal protection, PARACLETE® has invested significant resources toward research and engineering capabilities, thus ensuring that the brave men and women in combat remain the best protected in the world. As an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer, PARACLETE® strives to improve and innovate carrier designs, ballistic performance, and the best modular, scalable and adaptive body-armor systems on the market today. Our products are thoroughly field tested to exacting requirements and consistently surpass industry standards. Never standing still, PARACLETE® provides greater mission readiness and maximum-performance products that save lives.


PARACLETE® is committed to developing, manufacturing and delivering the most advanced tactical body armor and other protective solutions. Our products are world-renowned for their specialized designs and extreme adaptability in form, fit and function. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Florida, access to leading-edge technology, and a skilled, experienced workforce, PARACLETE® is leading the charge against emerging threats and ensuring unparalleled ballistic performance for those who serve to protect society.

As hostile conditions continue to intensify globally, PARACLETE® will continuously drive the development of next-generation, tactical body-armor systems while rapidly responding to the needs of our customers. Our lead times are considered among the best in the industry and are truly a testament to the professional commitment of every employee, whose mission it is to provide the highest level of safety.


PARACLETE® is a leading, advanced tactical brand within the Point Blank Enterprises (PBE) portfolio of brands. The Company’s executive team brings forth a cross-section of key management and operational skills—military and law enforcement experience, audit and financial expertise, marketing and advertising, solid corporate governance credentials—and an experienced design-and-engineering team that caters to the protective needs of the tactical warfighter.

This team, led by Daniel Gaston, CEO, is guiding the expansion of the Company and its four trusted brands into new global markets and new product lines. Gaston and the Point Blank team are uniquely positioned to drive Point Blank’s success while building confidence among all key constituents—customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

Company-wide focus is fixed firmly on the future and on the never-wavering pledge to product quality and customer service, and most of all, safety.

Our Board of Directors:

H. Hugh Shelton
United States Secret Service (Ret)
Brian L. Stafford
General, USA (R)
Daniel Gaston


For nearly two decades, the name PARACLETE® has been synonymous with advanced tactical-armor systems. Since its founding in 1994, PARACLETE® and its people have helped redefine the meaning of protective technology. The Company has continually broken new ground in developing technologically advanced, mission-specific equipment by not only working closely with members of the law enforcement, special operations and military communities, but also by adapting their needs to meet tomorrow’s emerging threats.

In 2003, PARACLETE® was incorporated in North Carolina as a “C” corporation. As demand for the company’s product increased, PARACLETE® moved from its original location in Raeford, North Carolina to a larger 144,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in St. Paul, NC. While the Company continued to deliver combat-proven armor systems such as the Releasable Modular Vest (RMV), RBAV and other tactical platforms in the U.S., it also established a following among the international defense community with high-performance ballistic systems. Our unwavering passion for bringing forth new protective solutions remains the same.

Today, PARACLETE® is part of Point Blank Enterprises’ industry-leading brand portfolio. To respond to future production growth, two state-of-the-art production facilities in South Florida, each exceeding 100,000 square feet, now serve as the manufacturing footprint for PARACLETE®. This new chapter in our company’s history will continue to serve as the foundation for our ongoing commitment to protect and serve those who protect us, both here in the U.S. and abroad.