When Protective Apparel Corporation of America, Inc. (PACA) was founded in 1975, the company had one mission in mind: to produce the highest-quality and safest body armor in the world. By combining superior craftsmanship with leading-edge ballistic technology, this singular vision has become a reality: We offer law enforcement and corrections professionals the most advanced ballistic protection available today. Our standards of quality ensure that when you rely on PACA for your body armor, you can expect high-quality protective products at an outstanding value with superb customer service.


Our passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to customer service continues to set us apart from other companies. Whether you need an exceptionally lightweight ballistic system designed to protect against “special threats” or a totally new generation of correctional armor, PACA Body Armor delivers products that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our promise is simple: We deliver when others tell you it can’t be done. We manufacture superior ballistic protection at an exceptional value with first-rate service. Dynamic designs, access to the best ballistic materials in the world, outstanding delivery and comprehensive customer service are all part of the PACA promise. We are confident that you won’t find better quality products or more attention to detail than PACA Body Armor. We promise.


PACA is one of the core brands within Point Blank Enterprises’ (PBE) portfolio of brands and is the Company’s high-performance concealable brand designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and correctional personnel. PACA is backed by PBE’s executive team, which brings forth a cross-section of key management and operational skills—military and law enforcement experience, audit and financial expertise, marketing and advertising, solid corporate governance credentials—and an experienced design-and-engineering team that caters to protecting law enforcement and correctional officers around the world.

This team, led by Daniel Gaston, CEO, is guiding the expansion of the Company and its four trusted brands into new global markets and new product lines. Gaston and the Point Blank team are uniquely positioned to drive Point Blank’s success while building confidence among all key constituents—customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

Company-wide focus is fixed firmly on the future and on the never-wavering pledge to product quality and customer service, and most of all, safety.

Our Board of Directors:

H. Hugh Shelton
General, USA (R)
Brian L. Stafford
United States Secret Service (Ret)
Daniel Gaston


Since its inception in 1975, PACA Body Armor has maintained an unwavering commitment to developing and producing the highest-quality, most wearable, safest body armor in the industry. The first 18 years were dedicated to government/military contracts. PACA manufactured critical components for the Interceptor® OTV, including the ballistic yoke/collar and bomb suits.

In 1993, PACA moved into the local law enforcement market, providing police officers with the same level of protection once available only through government contracts. Since then, PACA has provided the most advanced ballistic protection available for law enforcement and corrections professionals, and our commitment to innovation continues today. As PACA has grown, our passion for new products has grown, too. We continue to develop, manufacture and deliver life-saving protective solutions that represent the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Today, PACA is solidly entrenched as one of the top manufacturers of corrections body armor, encompassing both concealable and tactical carrier designs engineered to protect against ballistic and stab threats. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Florida, we consistently deliver the highest-quality body-armor systems in the world by driving innovation and continuously exceeding customer expectations.