Military Video Solutions

The United States is held in high regard around the world as having one of the best trained military police forces. The right equipment is essential to complete your MP duties of maintaining law and order as well as area security posts and operations, along with other functions. ATG’s full line of mobile surveillance equipment can be applied with the United States military force with custom applications such as:


Recording situations automatically triggered by any of eight sensors integrated to equipment such as: light bar; wireless microphones (up to 1,000 feet from the vehicle); radar guns; manually by a panic button; and G-Force-based inertia. These sensors ensure the needed data is recorded and secure. All recordings or live data can easily be viewed in-vehicle on a Toughbook or a separate LCD display mounted on the front panel.


Our software packages allow for live views from a command center during chases, providing immediate vehicle tracking through GPS and customized playback software to easily locate evidence or use images for training and evidentiary purposes.

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