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Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. (PBE) is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high performance, protective solutions for the U.S. Military and Department of Defense, Federal Agencies and both domestic and international law enforcement and corrections professionals. The Company has the strongest portfolio of product brands in the industry including Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Products, PACA and PARACLETE®.  We are committed to producing the most technologically advanced ballistic systems which not only offer superior protection but optimum comfort in the most challenging environments.  With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Florida, we consistently deliver the highest quality body armor systems in the world by driving innovation and continuously exceeding customer expectations.


Point Blank Enterprises (PBE) has helped shape major developments in the body armor industry, spanning four decades. PBE has been the industry’s leading innovator of new products and designs engineered to maximize ballistic protection, becoming synonymous with superior technology, uncompromising quality and complete dedication to customer service.   Our research and development efforts continue to produce lighter, thinner, more flexible, and higher performing ballistic packages while producing optimal standards for comfort and wearability.

Our unyielding commitment in delivering maximum-performance products which consistently exceed National Institute of Justice (NIJ), military, federal and international testing requirements is a testament to our superior quality standards.  These standards transcend into every facet of our product evolution process, from the moment a new material is introduced to the rigorous testing procedures performed daily.  At Point Blank, we never forget that our customers rely on us to protect their lives.

Our Board of Directors:

H. Hugh Shelton
General, USA (R)

Brian L. Stafford
United States Secret Service (Ret)

Daniel Gaston



For over 40 years, Point Blank has been the industry’s leading innovator of advanced products and designs engineered to maximize ballistic protection.  The Company has shipped millions of body armor solutions to America’s service men and women, law enforcement professionals, corrections officers, Federal agents, and other key national and international customers. These guardians of society require the finest in protective gear combined with the confidence that comes from knowing that Point Blank has never failed to protect.

Since 1998, Point Blank has been the primary supplier of body armor solutions to the various Military and Government branches. The vast majority of American soldiers, who are serving or have served in Afghanistan and in Iraq, wore Point Blank’s flagship product, the Interceptor® Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). To provide our soldiers with greater protection against emerging threats like IEDs and snipers, the Company, in partnership with the U.S. Army and others, produced the Deltoid Axillary Protection System (DAPS) in 2004, Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (ESBI) in 2006 and other critical protective enhancements including the groin, throat and yoke collar.

In 2007, Point Blank was one of two suppliers to be awarded the much anticipated contract by the U.S. Army for next generation body armor—the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV). This new design incorporated many of the features of its predecessor—the Interceptor® OTV.  Spearheading IOTV production was another natural step in the progression of excellence and innovation that has characterized Point Blank’s successful heritage with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Further advancements have been made in concert with the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, resulting in today’s Generation III IOTV, the Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV) and other advanced plate carrier systems.

Today, with an unparalleled record of success and service to its customers, Point Blank Enterprises and its four subsidiaries (Point Blank Body Armor, PACA, Protective Products and PARACLETE) have earned a global reputation in the development and deployment of body armor. Point Blank’s values of integrity, teamwork and excellence are all focused on providing unmatched support and products to military, civilian, federal, and law enforcement professionals. More importantly, to those who wear Point Blank products while protecting society and our National Security, Point Blank means LIFE.